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ELF - Solo

The ELF body is made from a rugged ABS composite called Trylon that protects you from the elements and helps you stand out in traffic. It now comes standard with 100 W solar panel, Dynamic Dampening front suspension, EZ Ergonomic sliding seat and a sturdy deck lid and bulkhead, for additional security and cargo capacity.


ELF Features

  • 100W solar panel
  • EZ Ergonomic Sliding Seat
  • Front Dynamic Dampening Suspension
  • Reinforced CON-Pearl™  Bulkhead & Decklid
  • Aluminum 6061 T Alloy frame
  • Continental Town & Country tires on the front
  • Kenda Kiniption rear tire
  • 3-speed internally geared hub
  • AVID BB7 disc brakes on the front wheels
  • AVID BB7 disc brake on the rear wheel
  • LED headlights, tail lights, brake lights, and turn signals
  • Race Face sealed bearing Crank set
  • 48V 11 Ah Lithium-ion battery with charger
  • Enclosed cargo compartment with a locking lid

       MSRP:  $6,995

       For more information visit the manufacturer website:


"A vehicle that will last for longer than your car!" - Kim G.

"The solar powered ELF rides like a bike, drives like a dream."

"I love my ELF, it helped me to get off my crutches." - Mary C.

"I want to save the earth, and he wants to save money, so we're pretty happy" - Gretchen V.

"The best thing is I can find parking just about anywhere. I love that."